"Your selfless contributions to create this text and also to the art world not only brings awareness of British Columbia's hidden talent, but adds much to our history."
     The Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

"Congratulations on your Award of the British Columbia Historical Federation's Certificate of Merit. Your interest and activities in preserving and promoting British Columbia's colourful history is very much appreciated."
     Gary A. Mitchell, Chair, Recognition Committee, BC Historical Federation

"He has built a superb superstructure to which all participants will surely want to contribute in years to come ... it is a unique and very valuable compendium of our history."
     Robert Amos, review in Times-Colonist.

"You have done a remarkable job in assembling and cross-referencing the massive documentation on art and artists ... what is most impressive is the diversity of your sources ... It is truly impressive, intelligently and skillfully organized... the work you are doing is of great importance ... "
     Charles C. Hill, Curator of Canadian Art, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

"This is an incredible resource and an invauable tool and I commend your efforts in gathering all this material and making this material available to scholars and the public alike."
     Paul Crawford, Director/Curator, Penticton Art Gallery

"It is a most welcome addition to Canada's national research collection in the visual arts. ... We are delighted to make this unique reference work available to researchers ..."
     Jo Beglo, Bibliographer (retired), National Gallery of Canada Library, Ottawa

"British Columbia Artists is an epic research project ..."
     Editor, Alcuin Society blog, January 2011

"It is indeed a very helpful and impressive body of work. ... I am very pleased to know that there is a copy of this material available in our library."
     Ian M. Thom, Senior Curator, Vancouver Art Gallery

" invaluable contribution to Canadian cultural research - and a boon to all art historians..."
     Paula Gustafson, Editor, Artichoke (deceased), Vancouver

"The research has been undertaken in a very thorough manner, and the result is a document that is amazingly comprehensive and accurate. The organization of the material is clear and easily navigated, making accessible information that was previously difficult to find."
     Lynn Brockington, former Librarian, Vancouver Art Gallery

"This tool is a rich storehouse of information about artists working in Vancouver."
     Murray Waddington, Chief, Library & Archives, National Gallery of Canada

"This is a tour-de-force considering the dearth of sources and the time required to find materials. ... He, his research, and documents are sources that no researcher should fail to consult. Most importantly, he has been consistently generous sharing information. ... It is a compact gem densely filled with valuable information."
     Letia Richardson, Art Researcher and Writer (deceased), Vancouver

"It has been handy in more ways than you might imagine ... the sheer volume of information is astonishing."
     Cheryl Siegel, Librarian, Vancouver Art Gallery

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